Mere words, you may say –
Yet they possess strength, character
Personality and tenacity.

The word that dammed the great sea and
shattered Jericho’s great wall.
The word that broke jars,
grinding them to a fine powder and
that caused corpses to stand and walk.

The word that shone forth as the light and
threw food from the cloud,
and Manna – a lump of meat that never stank
That fell endlessly.

The word that multiplied a little jar of oil
and fine flour, and gave tongues to men.
The word that spoke so loud
that thunders wearied.

The word that stayed the force of fire;
Calmed windstorms,
Changed lions to house pets and
Rebuked death.

That word- God’s word
Came down as flesh in Christ Jesus –
Ages later, it still speaks
Soundlessly for all to hear.

© Ndidi Ugo- Nkwoala | 2021 | All rights reserved.

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