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We are open to featuring original works of fiction, non-fiction, and poetry from contributors – published and unpublished writers. We encourage diversity and welcome all genres so long as they are not more than 5000 words for short stories and 100 lines for poems (you can include thought-provoking photos/images). Our editors will review each piece we receive, and if we like it, we will publish it. Please submit only one piece at a time. We do not accept simultaneous submissions. It generally takes us 2–4 weeks to respond to a new entry.

Very important: Spilledwords reserves the right to edit any piece we receive to conform to our style guidelines (loosely based on The Chicago Manual of Style). The title and by-line do not count against the 5000-word or 100 lines submission limit.)
As for the biography – we’re far more interested in what motivates you to write than where you’ve published. Please keep it brief; if it is less than 100 words will be appreciated. If you’d prefer to remain anonymous, please indicate that in your submission.

All submissions on this site remain copyright to their creators. No work on this site may be reproduced in any way, shape, or form without the express consent of its creator.
All works published in Spilledwords remain in its repository for as long as this site exists. Any work that you submitted to Spilledwords if published elsewhere after first being published in Spilledwords, then Spilledwords must be credited as the original publisher of the specific content/work.

If you’re not yet entirely sure what our spill of words is, consider reading our collections. The keyboard can type and rant words, but there is no tale unless there is an ardent reader or a sympathetic ear to listen to it. The world still loves a good story and is eager to read yours; send us a post.

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