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Remember Me

Remember me
that bare ass boy by the river
once, a fisherman tending to his nets
as you laid pipelines, erected derricks and drills
that sucked up fishes and poisoned my farmlands.

Once a nobody,
now me:
a kidnapper,
a traitor.

Remember me
that lad of 11 maybe 17
once a student minding his grades
as you sent your sons to Cambridge and Harvard
denying me books, classrooms, and tutors.

Once a nobody,
now me:
a cultist
a muscle for rent on Election day.

Remember me
that wanderer roaming the streets with a bowl
once a minor sent to Quranic school
as you brainwashed and recruited me
for Jihad – to destroy, harass and molest.

Once a nobody,
now me:
a terrorist,
an Almajiri.

You call those street urchins
that was once your foot soldier
Boko Haram.

You call that boy by the creek
Niger Delta Militant.
What will you call me tomorrow? IPOB?

As you and your sons flip the pages of
Oxford and Advanced Learners
seeking soothing and fitting words
remember me
before we tear down this house.

© Ugo Nkwoala | 2018 | All rights reserved

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