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New Breed


Who are we,
sons of our father?
Or a new breed – a people few cheat
to detain power, empty treasuries
while many are docile, unconcern’d
to expose injustice and fraud?

Yesterday’s off limits are today’s’ norm
our sense of right diminish’d
nobody teaches MATHS & HISTORY anymore
but In-Jesus-Name-We-Pray,
Holy Ghost-Fire, Prayer-Warrior logic,
Religious but ungodly we’ve become.

A word was once said of us (Igbos) –
“Reason and virtue runs in their race”
Lunatics now man our asylum
they’ve sold God for a new master
Naira is now Alpha and Omega
it instructs new values, it begets vice.

Who are we,
sons of our father?
Or a new breed – a generation with a swag
old ways can’t: define, understand
admire, admonish, dissuade or reprimand
but who gives a BS?

Copyright © 2013. Ugo Nkwoala. All rights reserved.

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