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Morning Ritual

Tribute to PIXEE Fox
– ‘Disney-obsessed’ has been refused more surgery. She has already had over 200 cosmetic procedures in order to look like a “living cartoon” 

On another Mary-kay morning ritual
looking at the reflection she now
acknowledges as hers – a gorgeous frame
this six digit investment in body beauty
is the anatomy she prayed God to be born with.

“Someday Beauty will break its spell
until then,” says the woman in the mirror
“I am buxom, I am voluptuous
though sneerers say I’m beautiful
by robbing Nature under the knife.

But who gives a damn when am
the toast and craving of gents
the envy and ambition of less endowed dames
whose boobies can’t measure up
to my plastic Queen-pair-of-all-tits.

Admit it or not – all feminine bodies are beautiful,
but nothing less than PERFECT is today tolerated
looking thick, curvy and enhanced
nipped and tweaked, gel-filled and pumped up
is the new normal … who dare say nay?

Copyright © 2018. Ugo Nkwoala. All rightsreserved.

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