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Thank you – our Spilledwoords reader, for taking the time in 2020 to read us. By this gesture, you have given us the added motivation to continue our pursuit, knowing that we have a sympathetic ear to listen to our tales. You’re the reason we keep punching the keyboard despite all odds. As we welcome you to the New Year – 2021, we promise you a thrill.

To fulfill this promise, we’ll not only continue to dish out more poems but will dive into flash fiction, book reviews, and giving you our readers the opportunity to spill your everyday experiences via submissions. As always, your suggestions are welcome; Post comments, Share, and Likes are welcome and encouraged.
Let’s start with A Clergyman’s Prayer – a poem written by Rev. Leon H. Sullivan and a review of Marilyn McEntyre’s When Poets Pray. Get the groove on!

Ugo Nkwoala

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