Above the Contest


Owen Larson, an upcoming writer honing his skills, enters a writing contest only to realize his cousin, Devon – an ache enemy had gatecrashed the online writer’s site he submitted his post. Devon did so to spite Owen but eventually wins the contest he didn’t write. Devon clinching the price in his usual clandestine manner and receiving an honorable mention not only upset Owen but spurred him to write a novel. His inspiration was their feud and seemed like a payback – an ultimate victory until the day of the book launch. What will transpire on this penultimate day? Will revenge be a motivator for Owen or tear him down? Will an enemy sharpen Owen’s wits or overwhelm his emotions? Follow Larry Huff’s debut narrated from Owen’s point of view. The story shows us the devastation of a family feud and the effect of rivalry in both their personal and business lives.